Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba)


Thinking about the episode of Chopped with the ginkgo nuts, and subsequently looking for info on ginkgo nuts, I read they appear in Chinese dishes called “eight-jeweled [thing].” But all the “eight-jeweled [thing]” recipes I’ve found so far lack ginkgo nuts; in this post-flu-vaccination torpor I can’t even seem to figure out the other seven jewels. I don’t have any ginkgo nuts or other jewel-like nuts to cook with and have to give midterms today and am really not hungry anyway, but this is getting on my nerves. If the ingredients aren’t listed in the order of use [ed.:  I guess they are, actually] and peanuts are coming into the picture right at the beginning, what the hell good is it to know that onion and bok choy are the first and last? What the hell are the other six, in a ginkgo-less timeline? Do the peanuts qualify because they were removed after the first time they were added? Peanuts. Water chestnuts. Onions. Bok choy. Green peppers. Straw mushrooms. ?



This confusion and petulance is all about the whole torpor thing, I know.  I probably couldn’t deal with taking my own midterm right now.