Columba livia (Latinized Gk. kolumbos, “diver” + L. livor, “bluish”)



We were calling this the Rock Dove before 2004.  It has been officially changed.

Pigeons are adaptable.  Pigeons are smart.

“In a later paper, Watanabe showed that if pigeons and human college students undergo the same training, their performance in distinguishing between Van Gogh and Chagall paintings is comparable.”

I train human college students, and I don’t find that particularly hard to believe.

The rock pigeon is native to southwest Asia, North Africa, and southern and western Europe.  From fossil evidence, they probably started in Asia and worked their way west.  They were first introduced to North America in 1606 at Port Royal, Nova Scotia (source, but it doesn’t say why).

…Well, I like them.