At this point in our autumn and their spring, the weather here is pretty similar to the weather in Ushuaia.


But their summers are much more humid than our winters.

Oh, Ushuaia, gateway to Tierra del Fuego National Park:

“In the maritime littoral “cachiyuyo” forests, big seaweed, stands out. In the area live a little wild animals variety, composed by twenty mammals specimens and ninety types of birds. But there isn’t any amphibian.”

Oh, PN Tierra del Fuego, land of the huillin:

clasificación huillin

“¿De que se alimenta el Huillín?

A) Camarones.
B) Pasto
C) Carne”

I guessed carne but it turns out to be camarones more than anything else.

Oh, why don’t we blow off the derivatives market today and go see the huillin?!