Contestants on cooking-competition shows often make culinary foams, and I have wondered about that.  It seems they add color and flavor without changing the, I guess, the texture of the dish…?  The aforelinked post has instructions praised by commenters.  It sounds as if you combine a juice or stock with gelatin or agar, and blow nitrous oxide through it.  But someone also points out that sabayon

( 523_image3_sm)

is a foam that’s been around much longer than nitrous oxide dispensers.  And there’s also, you know, whipped cream.


This (source) is a Cocktail of Chanterelles, Mushroom Foam, Parsley, and Fresh Cream.  It was created by Joel Robuchon.  Yes, I would eat/drink that, if it came along and I had the money.  It helps that someone blogged that it tasted fantastic.  Fun with foams.