No more jumping in front of my car on pitch-dark roads, if you would be so kind, please and thank you.  You scared the hell out of me; I scared the hell out of you and the dumbass who was tailgating me.  Are we even?



Odocoileus virginianus (Gk. odon, “tooth” + koilos, “hollow” — source) is our state animal.  Of course it is found in all the eastern states and in a few places in the west; from Canada south to Peru, and as an introduced species in New Zealand, the Czech Republic, and Finland.  It is the national animal of Honduras and the provincial animal of Pirkanmaa, in Finland.  Mulies belong to the same genus (O. hemionus, Latinized Gk. “half ass,” in other words, “mule”).

…half ass.  lol.