Buy it here.  This farm is just off my way to school, and I love to stop down there to, obviously, buy cheese, but also because it’s beautiful down by the river, I like seeing all the cows and horses along that road, and the cheese shop itself is on the honor system and I love it to death.  It’s just a little room overlooking the cheese-making area, very quiet and neat, with a cooler for cheese and soda and a couple of tables with some crackers, maple syrup, related items.  And a cash box and a calculator.  The cheeses have wooden buttons stuck to their wrappers; you pull off the button and put it in the cash box with the money.  Or stick it to the outside of the box.  It’s just … there’s never been anyone else there when I’m there, and it feels like my private hidden store, or an ultra-secret cheese drop; I might leave highly classified cheese documents in the box along with the money.