Trying to figure out just what we’ve got ourselves here….
No more than an inch and a half high, this little stem is (4 cm?), soft, light green but not yellowish, with leaves that stuck out in all directions when I first picked it, but now twenty minutes later are lying flat all around the stem, so that the shape of it is not flat but cylindrical, almost.
It’s more like Lycopodium selago than anything else I can find:


It’s also known as Huperzia selago, common name:  Northern firmoss or fir clubmoss.  (Are they not the same plant?  If not, H. selago is the right one).  During the Carboniferous period there were forests and forests of them, along with horsetails and ferns, and some of their cousins were a hundred feet tall.  In timeline here, see at 300 Mya.

L. selago at Discover Life

…at Dave’s Garden