Memorable Thanksgivings in chronological order:

1986 –Tsaile, Arizona:  Because we were visiting our friend John at Navajo Community College faculty housing.  He had to keep getting up to feed the fire.  It snowed and snowed, and in the morning the neighbors’ horses’ breath steamed.  Later we went to Shiprock and Canyon de Chelly.

1997 — rural Cabell County, West Virginia:  Because I tagged along as a friend of friends of whoever owned that rambling, rock-strewn farm, and the lady who cooked the turkey had recently arrived from Bosnia and was cooking her first American turkey ever.  There were so many people and so many dishes of food and so few places to sit.  After dinner, under the stars, we all trooped across the creek to the big new tepee the Bosnian lady and her man had built and furnished with steamer trunks, old fur coats and iron candlesticks.  There was a fireplace in the center and we sat around it eating pie and singing, and the dogs wagged their tails frantically and wove in and out among the children and were fed bits of pumpkin pie.  It was very late when I got back to Huntington.   The next morning, I heard, a shopper storming our local Walmart was slightly injured in the annual melee.

2000 — Louisville, Kentucky:  Because for the first time, I made it all MYSELF and MY PARENTS were my guests, and my new kitten, the Laurasian puma, discovered that cheese is good.

Canyon de Chelly (source)