“‘What’s a good way to keep straight in my mind the differences between mice, rats, voles, moles, shrews, tenrecs, lemmings, and all the other rodents and rodent-like mammals?’

“Well, they are all good eatin’, but your moles and shrews are going to have a little more white meat on ‘em.” (source)

What some folks don’t know is that your tenrec ain’t no rodent.  Those little fellers are Afrosoricida, and they’re closer kin to aardvarks, elephants and manatees than to any ol’ rodent.  Can’t fault a man for figurin’ the critter in the picture looks like a rodent, but your tenrec is a jack-of-all-trades:  some’s adapted to water, some to burrowin’, some to livin’ in trees, and some to scurryin’ around on the ground.  Stands to reason a few of them varmints’ll look like rodents …. okay, I’m done, my cerebral cortex hurts.