This movie is a giant pile of suck.  Bad science, bad acting, bad dialog, an ending that had me barking with laughter.  Since everybody and everything dies, including Marina Sirtis’ ridiculous Southern accent, the loose ends shouldn’t bother me, but they do.  I figure a MOVIE should try to tell a STORY, you know? and this one would have been marginally better if the protagonists had either worked out or been told what really happened, how the code was really compromised.  I guess it doesn’t matter for them, because as I say they all die, but what about US?  Class, what have we learned?  Well, profiling is not good — maybe that’s one takeaway.  Marina Sirtis is a normal human with no real Betazoid skillz — there’s another.  I did like the scenes of the (pre-annihilation) countryside.  It was filmed in Bulgaria, apparently.  Yay, Bulgaria.  Don’t blow up Bulgaria — another moral!  Wow, two hours well spent with SyFy again!