Lady Gaga thinks glitter can solve the world’s problems:  Frakkin’ journos.  She didn’t say exactly that.  She said (to fans at a NJ concert),

“With you little monsters, there is no hate in the world, there is only love. And you know, I believe that if a world war took place, you would all sing and dance and throw glitter until everybody stopped…Sequins are much more fun than bombs.”

It’s a sweet thought.  And funny, glitter really can interfere with hostilities, literally, sorta, sometimes.

As for sequins, Wikipedia says they’re named for various gold coins — Venetian, Turkish, Maltese, etc. — that often decorated women’s clothing in Mediterranean cultures as a display of wealth.  The coins in turn got their name from the Arabic sikka, “coin, die.”  Sequins are usually just plastic now, but at least they come in every possible color and lots of shapes.  For every need.

Ginger models the deluxe Ruffle Coat, from