For a little extra credit, my people had the option of researching and writing about a children’s toy or game of their choice.  (Dunno how Call of Duty:  Modern Warfare 2 qualifies as a “children’s game” …?)  So here I see one person has discovered an item called the Girl Gourmet Cake Bakery, which makes

“…delicious 2-tiered mini fondant cake just like Duff Goldman of the hit Food Network series Ace of Cakes. No hot oven necessary- cakes are baked in the microwave in 30 seconds!”

If it’s even possible to make cakes in thirty seconds, where has my life gone?  For my microwave to do this, the flour would have to be made of plutonium.  Or I could leave the oven door open and blast the raw cake with an acetylene torch.  I just don’t really believe this.  But this reviewer has actually experienced it, and shares many useful details and suggestions for anyone thinking of buying this toy.

I get the sense from the following commenters that it’s a bit of an improvement over the Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker:

 “It was easy to do, we put it in the microwave and I walked away. I came back to the kitchen half a minute later to smell a god awful scent, and thought “that can’t be the cupcake” after we made another I knew for sure IT WAS! She made 4 in all for each of us and insisted that was dessert for that evening, It was so horribly tasting you couldn’t even force yourself to swallow the bite. As for the decorating appliance, GOOD LUCK with that.”

“GROSS! These cupcakes are the worst! Save your money and make cupcakes the old fashioned way. My 4 year old daughter only enjoyed icing the cupcakes. She would not eat them after the first try. As a matter of fact she no longer wants to eat cupcakes period. I think this has changed her outlook on cupcakes.”

“…if you hate your child get this….”