This and this and this.  And stocking stuffers, including several delectable dip/cheeseball/cheesecake/soup-enhancing mixtures from Judecraft Specialty Foods.  There are a million billion brands of dip mixtures out there, so why them?  Because they exhibited this year at Springfield‘s annual “Beyond the Unicorn” craft fair, and they had about twenty varieties of sweet and savory deliciousness  to sample with pretzel sticks or cookies, and everything I tried was just godly, and they were probably the most popular vendor at the fair.  Smart display and smart pricing that encouraged quantity buying, and Chicopee, MA is, well, not local local exactly, but still on the river.   The items I bought for myself, I haven’t bothered to turn into dip — they’re too useful in “real food.”   Savory Sun-dried Tomato and Bacon is great in tomato soup and clam chowder.  Nice smokiness, nice chewy bits of bacon.  Nom nom nom.  Judi’s Best Garlic Butter and Judi’s Best Bruschetta are two fabulous items from their olive-oil blend line, and their sweet stuff includes several sugar-free items.  I plan to actually bother to order from this place in the future, I mean before the next craft fair/pretzel-stick-inhaling opportunity rolls around, that’s how seriously good they are.