Many people have told me it’s a good idea to detoxify one’s attitude now and then by avoiding the news.  This has to be true to the tenth or maybe the hundredth power for comments posted to online news and editorials.  Ugh.  Vomit.  Purge.  I had a supervisor in Louisville who was just a little tech-phobic and — coincidentally, don’t mean anything by it — a devout Catholic.  Once after we’d been chatting about my excessive surfing on company time (!) I showed him a “Prayer to St. Isidore” I’d found in … Atlantic Monthly?  well, somewhere.  Meant a bit satirically by the magazine; St. Isidore has apparently been chosen as a patron saint of Internet users, and the official prayer basically asks for his guidance and protection along those wily intertubes.  Months later the boss asked me to find something in his office (no, really) and while rummaging around I found that Prayer to St. Isidore taped in a corner of  his monitor.  The original is here, fwiw.  I may not have shared his religion but I was sort of pleased to have retrieved this little tidbit of inspiration that he found useful.  (Hey, my birthday is the feast day of St. Clare of Assisi, patron saint of television!  Gnarly.)  Meanwhile, we of unbelief aren’t down with intercessory prayers to saints but we can easily remember these two commandments, as we venture through cyberspace: 

1) many of the assholes we seem to meet are mere sockpuppets of the one true Sphincter, so be of good cheer;

2) be not an asshole like unto those fallen ones, nay, but keep it up with the good cheer thing.

Tidings of the season, etc.