Swiss cheese scarf at Monster Crochet!  I was looking for Swiss cheese patterns or printed fabrics to make into pet toys, and this came up.  Too cool.  I’ve never been that good but I’m capable of achieving some stuff.  I have actually produced an actual toy that the Laurasian puma has actually played with.  Crochet wouldn’t be ideal for the tetrapod, though.  For him, some kind of plush fabric with dimples or gathers somehow sewn in to make it dimply and holey.  There’s this, but I want three-dimensional craters in the surface.  Maybe if it’s a lined velvety kind of thing,I could pinch and stitch the lining in places and it would pucker the outer surface, sort of.  Hmm… 


I’m not really seeing an amigurumi Swiss cheese wedge.  Cheese-kun’s not doing it for me.  He’s not Swiss.