I wanted to look at pictures of planaria because I was thinking about how I always used to draw them in German class.  This was back in the seventh grade.  It was a big class; it was the beginning class and hadn’t been weeded down to the elite intermediate German strike force of eighth grade.  The science class I took that year was pretty general, but at least there was some biology.  After that I never took a bio class again until population dynamics in grad school.  (If that counts.  I think it does.  It was my favorite class — essentially a math class in which we went trawling for English sole in the middle of January.) 

I loved to draw planaria; I wasn’t a very good sketcher and planaria are really easy to draw, giving rise to a sense of accomplishment.  Their cross-eyed appearance is endearing, and their lifeways (including certain insupportable claims made for them) are fun to read about.  When we moved on to human anatomy I, newly confident in my draftsmanship, practiced drawing the skull in profile quite a bit; a kid in German class saw it and said, “God, you’re morbid.”