They go through oceans of ballistics gel on MythBusters.  If you, too, want oceans of ballistics gel, you can make your own

Ballistics (Gk. ba’llein’, “throw”) was an area I really aced when I took the ASVAB.  I had just taken a year of calculus, and my friends and I also practiced by making up scenarios involving the launching of, well, defenseless little children, okay?  It was a more resilient time.  We didn’t launch actual babies, we only launched jokes about launching babies.  People would probably be suspended these days for discussing such things in any but the most hushed and somber and righteous tones.  But we did, and I got a great score on the ASVAB, so on my results it said I should consider the field artillery.  But that’s a combat arm and I’m a female and I also value my hearing.  Still, if my country should ever need me to, I’m sure I could be trained to artillerate all kinds of things.