Is  Timothy Taylor.  I’m using his online textbook, Principles of Economics, which costs between $0.00 (online only, with ads that are actually not annoying) and $29.95 (printed copy).  (There are also options for ad-free online and printable .pdf.)  This highest price is like, one-quarter to one-fifth the cost of typical micro-macro books I’ve used in the past and it is even a very well-written book.  It’s just so logically organized and thoughtful instead of frenetic and cartoony and look-how-hip-and-groovy-I-am-to-use-Madonna-tickets-to-explain-demand-elasticity.   I’m so freaking happy with this.  Hope the kids are too.  One guy in one class said he was having trouble installing Microsoft Silverlight (which is needed to read the ebook) for Mac.  Hopefully this can be worked around; I have a couple of extra copies people can use in a pinch.  So, bottom line, a person who doesn’t already own Cod and has to buy it used from the campus bookstore and uses Taylor online with ads spends no more than $7.50 on books for my class.  Power to the people.  HELL yeah.