…to see how stupid these people think I am, at least the ones who bother to email me about it:  ” I can’t really tell when I look at the sheet if its due on Monday or Wednesday.”  At the top of the sheet:  “(due Mon. Feb. 1 in class)”  I assume I’m the stupid one; my correspondent’s sig calls him an assistant CS lab manager and all manner of other resume-enhancing things.  Another scholar wants to know if the graph in the first problem is supposed to be a bar graph or a line graph.  It says “budget constraint,” like the ones in the book that are lines, and the ones I drew on the whiteboard in class, also lines.  And the one that’s actually shown in the second problem, line again.  Only four of about 140 people had questions about the homework, and only three of those had dumb questions.  Still.  It shakes me up that I suck so badly.  It’s like trying to talk in outer space.  I and the alien popping out of my chest are both screaming and how many of these people who’ve paid thousands to be here can hear us?