I’ve only been crocheting and spinning obsessively for two years, not three.  That makes me even more awesome (I love people who type “allsome,” bless hearts) because the quality of everything I do is staggering.  But really, I’m getting pretty good.

Teaching is kind of … not.  As of next semester, anyway.  They don’t even fire you, or lay you off.  They just unscrew you from your socket and throw you away.  Because it’s their socket, not yours; a resource, even a human resource, can’t own things, after all.   I temped for a couple of months; now I would like to assume I’m “between assignments,” rather than “at the end of all hope” or “at the onset of penury.”

If a place posts instructions for applying for positions, and they tell you to send (for instance, email) a resume and cover letter, and farther down the page is a link to an application that isn’t a fillable form, it’s one that would have to be printed out, filled out, and scanned in order to be emailed, and may I stress that the instructions just say “resume and cover letter” …they don’t really expect to see this application, do they?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.

It’s always saddening when you have to hide a person’s update from your Fb newsfeed because their tendency to try to speak for their entire generation (and what the hell is a generation, really) ends up annoying you too much and stands out like some garish belligerent sign on a quiet residential street, even though you like the person’s less pompous side.  People with 950 Fb friends need not worry about this kind of thing, I guess.  Or a smaller number of extremely talkative friends.

My age cohort salutes you.