There is or was a snake in the living room.  Early Thursday morning it was resting in a pile of yarn, probably recovering from the uncomfortable sensation of being stared at by a cat.  You would think yarn would be good camouflage for a snake, and you would be right in my case, but shouldn’t be, because most of what I have is fingering and laceweight.  The garter snake, although slender, is a considerably heavier gauge than those.  This one was dark with a pale green stripe and large eyes.  It went behind the baseboard heater somewhere.  I found a cat-toy fishing pole and was hoping it would come out so I could capture it deftly as seen on TV.


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It probably found its way back outside again.  This building is not well insulated.  I guess the roof is, the attic/crawlspace anyway, which is certainly why we don’t have eagles getting in here and lounging in people’s yarn.