July 12:  To mark the 330th anniversary of the death of French astronomer Jean Picard, the customer with the best guess about the length of an unlabeled skein of yarn wins the skein.

July 13:  Feast of Saint Clelia Barbieri — 20 percent off all spinning supplies and yarns containing hemp (for us, basically Hempathy).

July 14:  Bastille Day, duh, bring back the discount on red, white, and blue yarns.  But also the birthday of Rosey Grier:  76 percent off all wool (wool? sheep? the Rams? get it?) embroidery floss.


(image source:  extremecraft.typepad.com)

July 15:  Elderly Men Day in Kiribati — all elderly men get a free whatever.  One free thing off the notions wall.

July 16:  Elderly Women Day in Kiribati, but the shop’s closed Mondays, oh well, suck it up, you can always borrow an elderly man’s free thing.