Just a mild, peaceful sense of well-being involving two pillowcases full of clean laundry, nice leftovers for lunch, and miles upon miles of good yarn at very low average cost.  Because yesterday after the board meeting I went to Phyllis’ house, which is a temple of peace that bestows happiness on everyone who enters, and looked through the forest of cones of Harrisville yarn showered upon us all, collectively, by someone who recently died, and took a modest amount which still is a lot.  And today some other stuff came, and the average of (ton of free stuff) and (half ton of not at all unreasonable stuff) is really pretty good.  And now I can open my factory.

The front seat of my car is full of yarn, and the back is full of snow tires.  Because they belong in the barn with a family of skunks, and it’s unfair to bother crepuscular animals with young children.  Yeah, because that.


(image source:  pbs.org)