Waiting for laundry to be done; watching a squirrel hanging by its toes to eat birdseed.

I haven’t read the Hunger Games books, don’t really feel like it at the moment.  But I’m always overhearing people complaining about the third of the trilogy, about how characters die — important characters that everyone has come to care about, and suddenly “by the way, that guy died.”  But that is how people die in war (and there’s a civil war going on throughout most of the trilogy, right?).  There’s no setting or plot or buildup or backstory.  They just don’t come back.

I was talking about this with C.  He used to eat at the mess hall with one pilot; then that guy died.  He just didn’t come back to the mess hall.  Completely ordinary lunches, then no lunches.

When people are shot they don’t fall slowly and agonizingly just because you knew them or they were on your side.  Neither are they forcefully thrown in some lateral direction, most of the time; they just fall.

There’s nothing very deep or important here.  Laundry’s done, too.